Welcome to SchochWaves, messages preached by Pastor Ray Schoch between the years of 1971 and 1975. Unfortunately, the hundreds of messages that he preached through the years and were recorded on audio or video tape have been lost over time. The family, however, found a few of his recorded messages and transferred them from cassette and reel to reel tape to a digital format.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The year of 2017 was a special year for us. This would be the 70th anniversary of the founding of Maple Chapel which became Faith Center. It would also be the 100th birthday of the founder, Pastor Ray Schoch.

In honor of this special time the Schoch family decided to make all of Pastor Schoch’s messages available for free from hereon. We hope to post more messages in the future. We trust you will be blessed by these messages and as you freely receive we encourage you to freely give me message of God’s saving grace through Jesus to others.

In addition to the free MP3 messages we have, to our knowledge, one of the only video tapes remaining of Pastor Schoch. We have created a clip of a short message he delivered to the attendees of a Slender Control spring banquet. Slender Control was a Faith Center sponsored weight reduction program. This particular TV special was taped around 1973. The program was one hour in length but we have cut in down to include the opening, introduction, Pastor Schoch’s message and the closing credit roll. We apologize that the quality is not pristine as the tape we had was several tape format generations from the original. The clip is in a Windows Media Video (WMV) file format. We trust you will enjoy viewing this rare find. Click on the TV set below to begin viewing.

May God’s richest blessings be yours,

Add To Your Faith.mp3

Add To Your Faith

Measure of the Gift.mp3

Measure of the Gift


Slender  Control

Lion and the Lamb.mp3

Lion and the Lamb

How To Be Led By The Spirit.mp3

How to be Led by the Spirit

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Built Together.mp3 Five Bibles.mp3 Come Let Us Worship.mp3 Never Fall.mp3 Seeing Thru God.mp3 Shield of Faith.mp3 Signs of Revolution.mp3 Story of Faith Center.mp3

Built Together

Come Let Us Worship

Five Bibles

Never Fall

Seeing Thru God

Shield of Faith

Signs of Revolution

Story of Faith Center

Breaking Up the Trinity of Satan - Oct 8, 1967 - pm.mp3 Seven Eyes - Sep13, 1970 am.mp3 The Blood - Oct 8, 1967 am.mp3 The Ultimate Test - Sep 13, 1970 pm.mp3

Breaking Up the Trinity of Satan

Seven Eyes

The Blood

The Ultimate Test