1. Bruce Braun, TV transmitter engineer who later became an FBN Producer and Director
  2. Mildred Lehman, Secretary to Dr. Peirce
  3. Paul Calentine, Assistant Manager
  4. Pastor Ray Schoch, Faith Center founding Pastor and Leader
  5. Ray Gill, KHOF-FM-TV Office Manager
  6. Paul Lindner, KHOF-TV transmitter engineer
  7. Don Davis, TV audio engineer
  8. Bernie Marston, KHOF-FM-TV Chief Engineer
  9. Paul Crouch, KHOF-FM-TV General Manager
  10. John Cardoza, KHOF-TV Production Manager
  11. Ray Haley, Faith Center Assistant Youth Pastor and Saturday afternoon radio program host
  12. Don Johnson, Custodian who later became a TV Cameraman and Set builder
  13. Al Davis, KHOF-TV Production Crew Member
  14. Linda Schoch, KHOF-TV Program Director/Secretary
  15. Dr. Willard Peirce, Faith Center Associate Pastor
  16. Pat Manning, Secretary/Receptionist
  17. Floy Davis, Bookkeeper
  18. Rod  Henke, KHOF-FM on-air radio host


Here is an excerpt taken from a promotional brochure of the KHOF-FM/TV staff produced circa 1972. Number badges have been added on or above each person identifying who they are, their position and other information about them.

Photos of the KHOF-FM production studio showing the equipment. This is the studio where guests would be interviewed and either taped or go live on-the-air. The large 1/4” reel-to-reel tape decks are seen to the immediate left of the control console. Above the right hand tape deck cartridge tapes were stored that held short audio clips such as station ID’s and other interstitial material. The control console is shown in the photo on the right. Note the two turntables on each side of the console that were capable of playing 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records. Also note the “Photo-Lab” style timer to the right of the console. The window behind the console viewed into Master Control so both operators on either side of the window could throw hand cues back and forth. The widow was specially constructed with thick double pane glass to provide sound isolation between the two rooms.

A view of the KHOF-FM Master Control room. The on-air announcer would sit in front of the control console. The 24 hour a day operation was divided up into several shifts. The operators would play recorded programs from the tape decks on the right, play records from the turntables on the left or host live call in talk programs using the controls next to the console. The production room mentioned earlier was located on the other side of the window behind the console. Note the Bible on top and to the left of the control console that could be used for those calling in for spiritual counseling.

View of the reception area for KHOF-FM-TV. Seated at the left is Linda Schoch, KHOF-TV Program Director. Linda was responsible for creating the official FCC program log for the TV station. To the right is Coreen DeBelius, receptionist for both radio and TV stations. Coreen also answered the phone and talked to viewers and listeners of the station. A window looking into KHOF-FM Master Control can be seen behind Linda. This area had ample seating capacity and the radio and TV staff often met here for morning devotionals.


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