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When KHOF-TV signed on the air it was a requirement by FCC regulations that all broadcast stations maintain a log of what programming aired on the station. Log keeping requirements included the program name, the time it aired, who sponsored the program, the program source (e.g. live broadcast, film or videotape). The log was kept by the operator on duty who had to sign on and off duty. It was a requirement that these logs be kept for a number of years in case the FCC requested them. For KHOF-TV, these logs were kept by the transmitter operator on duty who also possessed a FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operators License (see below). Wilfully making false and/or inaccurate entries into the log were punishable by fines or imprisonment and could also lead to the operator having their license revoked. The station could also be held liable. Therefore, keeping an accurate log was of utmost importance.

The program log we have here was for the broadcast day of December 8, 1971. KHOF-TV Engineer, Burt Lehman, was the operator on duty that day. As you browse the log note the programs that aired on KHOF-TV. You may recognize some of the programs and names. For example, you will see Jim and Tammy. That was a syndicated kids program hosted by Jim and Tammy Bakker when they were still with the Christian Broadcasting network (CBN).

FCC rules have changed over time and the keeping of program logs is no longer an FCC requirement. However, many stations keep their own log, similar to the old official FCC program log, as a record of what aired on the station and when. From the log a notarized “Proof of Performance” statement is issued with the invoice that is sent to the client who purchased air time for the program or commercial material. In the event any billing questions arise, the log will be used to substantiate the exact day and time the material was aired. Again, accurate log keeping is a must.

Below: First Class Radiotelephone Operator License

(Required for the operator a broadcast transmitter)

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