Below are excerpts from some of the annual reports submitted by the various departments of Faith Center. These reports were originally submitted as part of the overall ministry report presented during the annual Faith Center business meetings. The reports were prepared at the end of the year shown below and presented early in the following year at the annual business meeting of the church membership. These reports are in the Adobe PDF format and will require an Adobe Reader which is available for free. Below the reports is information on how you can obtain Adobe Reader if you don’t already have it.

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    Bernie Marston, Chief Engineer: Engineering

    James Boersma, Minister of Music: Music ministry


    Bernie Marston, Chief Engineer: Engineering

    Paul Crouch, General Manager: KHOF-FM-TV

    Coy Edwards, General Manager: KIFM, Bakersfield


    Bernie Marston, Chief Engineer: Engineering

    Paul Crouch, General Manager: KHOF-FM-TV


    Bernie Marston, Chief Engineer: Engineering

    Paul Calentine, Communications Manager: KHOF-FM-TV


    Bernie Marston, Chief Engineer: Engineering

    Paul Calentine, General Manager: KHOF-FM-TV

    Rev. Paul Schoch, General Manager: KVOF-TV, San Francisco

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The co-hosts for one of the Praise-A-Thons were Ray Wilson, known to kids as Black Buffalo, and Willard Cantelon. Ray is of American Indian descent and quite a showman. He rarely lacked for words. And, likewise, Willard was a well known speaker that rarely lacked for anything to say. During this telethon they seemed to constantly be upstaging each other in jest and grabbing the microphone. The staff found this humorous and the FBN artist created this drawing showing Willard “Pulling the Plug” on Ray’s microphone. The precise year this was drawn is unknown but it is estimated to be circa 1973.

Black Buffalo skins the bear and dances away proudly with his spoil. Note the “Photo Lab” style clock on the lower left used to show time remaining in a pledge challenge. These types of clocks were often superimposed over the picture.

Tim was a good sport in participating in this hunting adventure with Black Buffalo. The bear on the right peacefully looks on. The audience loved the skit and the goal for the night was met.

Black Buffalo is “loaded for bear” as he begins his dance in time with the drum and starts the hunt. Note the videotape and shipping case in the foreground. Videotape was costly and desperately needed to record FBN programs. Raising funds for videotape was a major goal of this Praise-A-Thon.

Black Buffalo spots the bear and open fires with the sounds of the shots emanating from the drum. The bear is blown out of his skin and then falls to the ground.

One of the commitments made during this Praise-A-Thon was if a certain financial goal was met Ray would perform an Indian dance called Dancing Bear. In lieu of a real bear a person covered with a bear skin was used.

The bear pictured here is none other than Tim Schoch who is the son of Pastor Ray Schoch. Tim was the youth minister at Faith Center.

Graphic of the 1972 Thanksgiving Praise-A-Thon. Paul Calentine, former General Manager, remembers this interesting fact about the set seen in the following pictures. “It came from KTLA's production studio and was believed to have been used for the ‘Liar's Club Show.’ This caused a little stir when it arrived at Faith Center, but was transformed with some new paint to become the Praise-A-Thon set for a couple years. It gave some of us a laugh but also reminded us to tell the truth whenever we were on air.”

Standing to the left is Gary Baker, Department of Development Director, with Ray Wilson, Black Buffalo, on the right. Ray is hosting this night’s Praise-A-Thon. Ron Kilgore, KHOF-FM Announcer, is seated behind Gary Baker. Ron has been a personality on KNX-AM 1070 NewsRadio and was previously with KFWB. Both stations are located in Los Angeles.

Reports courtesy of Linda Schoch-Davis

Photos courtesy of Joe Snelson

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The radio and television ministries of Faith Center relied on the faithful contributions of the listeners and viewers. Twice a year, Easter and Thanksgiving, Praise-A-Thons were held to raise the funds needed for operating expenses and equipment. They also included special projects or expansion of the ministry. These were always exciting times for the staff and audience and there would be much rejoicing as the financial goals were met. There was also music presented by various artist as well as humorous antics that would capture the interest of the audience. The following are photos taken during the telethons that we hope you will find interesting and at times humorous [Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine...” (NIV)].


This page is devoted to some of the events where staff, church members and ministry supporters rejoiced in what God had accomplished and looked forward to what would happen in the future through the various ministry outreaches of Faith Center Global Ministries. We trust you will find the attached reports and Praise-A-Thon pictures and stories an inspiration as to what God can do when everyone from leadership to laymen participate in helping to advance the cause of Christ.

Thanksgiving Praise-A-Thon of 1971. Seated at the main desk left to right is Dr. Willard Peirce, Pastor Ray Schoch and Paul Calentine. In the foreground answering phones are Frankie Cardoza (L) and Pat Manning (R). This Praise-A-Thon was held in the small studio on the 3rd floor of the Faith Center office building. The studio later housed the set for Black Buffalo’s Pow-Wow, a daily kids show on KHOF-TV.

This is the 1971 Easter Praise-A-Thon also held in the small studio on the 3rd floor. Paul Calentine is seated at the far left interviewing a guest. Answering phones (left to right) are Carol Morton, Kay Lehman, Paula Miller and Linda  Schoch. The 3rd floor also housed the studio and office facilities for KHOF-FM radio.

Later Praise-A-Thons were conducted in the main auditorium of Faith Center. Shown is the set constructed on the platform with the television cameras on the main floor. The moveable chairs used for church services are seen in the lower left.

These are the operators that took both pledges and prayer requests during the Praise-A-Thon. Seated left to right on the front row is Dave Bresee, Jim Donovan, Marcia Johnson and Linda Schoch. On the back row is unidentified person, Ron Kilgore and Rod Henke.

A behind the scene shot showing the Norelco PC70 color television camera zoomed in on the pledge total raised thus far in this Praise-A-Thon.

Another view of the set with the pledge totals shown in the foreground.

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