To our knowledge we have one of the only video tapes remaining of Pastor Schoch. We have a program where he delivered a short message to the attendees of the Faith Center Slender Control spring banquet. Slender Control was a Faith Center sponsored weight reduction program. This particular TV special was taped around 1973. The program was one hour in length and Pastor Schoch’s message is near the end. Be advised that viewing the opening and closing may stimulate your “sweet tooth.”

slender_control.wmv fbn_pgm_clips.wmv

FBN produced a number of programs that were played on the FBN network as well as other Christian stations around the country. Short clips of these programs were assembled as a promotional reel to present to interested stations and potential production clients as to the programming available and FBN production capabilities. You can learn more about some of the programs produced plus a few stories by clicking here. Click the TV set on the right to see the clips of the programs produced at FBN.   

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during a television production? Have you ever seen a TV cameraman wearing a headset and wondered what he or she is listening to? We have three promotional clips that were produced in the early 70’s promoting a weekly program titled “The Other Six Days.” In these clips you will see inside one of the control rooms at FBN and listen to the production cues given to the many crew members such as camera operators, floor directors, video, audio and video tape engineers plus others. Seated in the foreground of the clips is Bruce Braun, Director. The Director is the “top boss” during a production and is the primary person talking and literally calling the shots. Seated behind Bruce is Phil Bonk, Technical Director. Phil pushes the buttons a on panel called a switcher that determines what is on-the-air at any given time as instructed by the Director.

We hope you will be able to feel the excitement involved in being a part of a team in producing a live television program where the adrenaline runs high. Click the TV set on the right to view the “behind the scenes” action during The Other Six Days produced at FBN.   


We are pleased to provide these video clips so you can view some of the programs and specials produced at FBN. Simply click on the TV set to begin viewing the clip. These clips are being made available in a Windows Media file format and will require a player on your PC capable of decoding a WMV file. We trust you will enjoy seeing these clips

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The Veletones was a Christian trio that featured the beautiful voices of the Morales sisters and Jerry Pippin. The sisters, Alice Durbin and Pam Dietz, were also sisters to Armond Morales of the Imperials. The Velvetones were no strangers to Faith Center and were often featured on KHOF-FM and were favorites of Audrey Mieir who had a program on FBN titled Sing with Audrey. The Morales sisters became known as The Dove in later years on FBN. This video clip of the Velvetones was made in the late 60’s to early 70’s.  


The youth department of Faith Center produced a some weekly telecasts that aired live on KHOF-TV. The program was called Meetin’ Here Tonite and featured special music and guests. This particular program was broadcast on August 27, 1971 and featured The Continentals. It created a lot of controversy due to the music and dress style of that time. This program was directed by Bruce Braun who started at FBN as an engineer and had traveled with The Continentals before coming to FBN. Click here to read more about this particular Meetin’ Here Tonite.


Twice a year, at Easter and Thanksgiving, Praise-A-Thons would be be held to raise support for the operation and growth of the FBN broadcast facilities. Specific projects were often presented to the audience. This clip is an excerpt from a 1972 Thanksgiving Praise-A-Thon where funds were being raised to purchase video tape for programs produced at FBN. Ray Wilson, Black Buffalo, does an Indian dance called Dancing Bear featuring Pastor Schoch’s son, Tim. You can read more about it by clicking here and view the clip by clicking the TV set on the right.  

FBN presented a New Year’s Eve special that drew a full house at the Faith Center Auditorium. It was titled the Solid Rock Celebration. It featured outstanding music from musicians and singers that often appeared on FBN programs as well as those that attended Faith Center. Click the TV set on the left to view an excerpt from this program. The program closed the old year with this song and opened the new year with it. The closing credits show the names of the singers and crew that produced it and features Donn Thomas as the lead singer.

solid_rock.wmv buffalo_1564.wmv

Ray Wilson, known to kids as Black Buffalo, produced a daily one hour kid’s show that aired live on KHOF-TV circa 1973 until 1975. Even after then the program went into syndication and videotapes were shipped to other Christian television stations. This program was recorded on June, 17, 1974. One interesting point about this program is our Stage Manager, Greg Quandt, makes an appearance with the Masked Marvel. We hope you will enjoy watching Black Buffalo’s Pow Wow.


This short clip is a humorous takeoff on the weekly test of the Emergency Broadcast System that was in place from 1963 to 1997. The name was eventually changed to the Emergency Alert System. You have heard this test on radio and TV stations which includes a rather annoying buzzing sound and a tone. This clip was produced by a staff announcer at the FBN station WHCT-TV in Hartford, CT, just for gags. It was made circa 1974 and given a clever name that we have abbreviated as EONS. There is also no tone. As you watch do remember, “This is only a test!”


Three individuals from the Whittier First Family Church teamed up in early 1972 to produce a pilot kids TV show. The title of the show was Captain Noah. The show featured Rod Johnson as Captain Noah, Joyce Steidal as Sister Joyce and Vince Sanada as Tony Babaloni, the information man. We were very fortunate to have recently found this pilot made over 40 years ago on a tape format that was outdated decades ago. Using the facilities of DC Video in Burbank, CA, we were able to obtain a digital transfer from this rare tape format to post on this web site.

It was discovered, not long after the pilot was produced, that the name Captain Noah was already in use by another person that also had a kids show. Captain Noah was then changed to Cap’n Andy. The pilot was produced and premiered on KHOF-TV and in the years that followed picked up by another Christian network. The coloring book on the right was published circa 1980 after the program name was changed.

Side note: the computer, Solomon, was constructed by KHOF staff and consisted of road construction marking lights, a doorbell, a buzzer, circuit boards and a single 45 rpm automotive record player...for those of you that remember records which were before 8 track players, for those of you that remember those, too.