Dear Friends,

We would like to take this time to thank you for following Pastor Ray Schoch’s ministry and tell you how much we appreciate your interest. Our prayer is that your life has been touched and your faith strengthened by hearing about God’s Love and Power.

In response to questions we have received we would like to take this opportunity to complete the story.The economic recession of 1974 and the failing health of Pastor Ray Schoch hit the finances of Faith Center hard. Many of the investors that had invested in the Faith Center Department of Development were requesting full payment on their revocable trust agreements. Even though the assets of Faith Center exceeded the liabilities, there were insufficient liquid funds to meet the demands. The Congregation went to their knees often praying around the clock for God’s guidance.

With the demand for payment by the trustors continuing, the board began to explore the possible liquidation of some of the broadcast properties. KIFM in Bakersfield was sold to another Christian organization in 1975

In October 1975 when it became evident that for physical reasons Pastor Schoch could not continue as President and Pastor, he resigned that position and became Pastor Emeritus. During that time he was able to spend time with family and do some traveling with his wife Ruth and do some occasional speaking engagements. In 1977 he went to be with the Lord, receiving the ultimate healing and fulfillment of his faith.

After the resignation and eventual passing of Pastor Ray Schoch, Faith Center Global Ministries and FBN changed focus and direction. The new leadership had a different view regarding Church and State and the government’s involvement and regulations for ministries and churches. Battles ensued with the Federal Communications Commission and, consequently, the licenses for the stations owned by Faith Center were revoked. The licenses were eventually assigned to others by the FCC through the course of their legal due process.

However, God’s voice cannot be silenced, and KHOF-FM became KKLA a Christian format station based in Glendale. Operation of KHOF-TV passed to an interim Christian licensee and was ultimately acquired by ION and for a while broadcast as KPXN with Christian influence.  

God blessed the faithfulness and dedication of the staff and employees of Faith Center/FBN. Many of the personnel went on to work and minister in Christian media across the nation with some ministering in Europe, some as pastors in churches. Others God blessed in the secular media and they became successful and influential in their fields.

The Glendale Christian School was closed in the early 1980’s.

Faith Center’s portion of the joint ownership of Sa-Ha-Le Lodge Camp at Lake Big Bear was acquired by the church that shared the ownership. It continues to be used by churches for camp meetings etc.

The visions and dreams God gave Pastor Schoch to ”Give the Winds a Mighty Voice” cannot be stopped. It is so rewarding to hear how God used these ministries, and continues to touch so many lives that are now carrying the call. We are also thankful for the positive impact this web site has had on the lives of people that have visited.

With God, all things are possible. To God be the Glory!

Written by Tim Schoch & Linda Schoch-Davis

©2013 All Rights Reserved

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