I have given some thought about what I could add to the info on the FBN site My contribution at FBN was doing Praise-A-Thons, license renewals, selling air time, etc.

In fact I recalled a few weeks ago when I read about Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral church in Garden Grove that his broadcast, The Hour of Power, was our first paid program on KHOF-TV. I remember going to his office and meeting with his people and signed the contract for a Saturday night air time so Pastor Schuller could see what would go on the air Sunday morning on KTLA, channel 5.

I remember spending many days in Hartford trying to work out some issues we had there and of doing the license for San Francisco and getting program material and paid shows for that station.

I recall the various commercial and religious productions we did at the production center with the many hours spent editing programs and spots. I remember we often used the quote, "Save a nickel save a dime, spend a million every time." And though we used it in jest, I think that saying was proved true on several occasions...at least until the day we took delivery of the Ampex 2” quad professional videotape recorders and other new state-of-the-art equipment!

Another event was the passive reflector that was hauled up the side of the Bekins moving and storage building in Glendale. That was a lot of “fun.” (Editors note: Faith Center was not able to send programming directly from its studio to the transmitter due to a hill being in the way and blocking the microwave radio signal. The signal was “bounced” off the reflector located a mile or so away to get the signal around the hill.)

Indeed it was a great time at KHOF-FM, TV and Faith Center. And for myself the experience there has served me well over the years as a pastor, because I know that with God all things are possible as I saw with my own eyes.

Looking back is good but I know God has so much more for those of us who served there in those days. May God Bless all of those who served the Kingdom through FBN.

Reflecting on what God Accomplished at FBN

By Paul Calentine, 2012

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Remembering Paul Lee Calentine

Rev. Paul Calentine was a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved the Lord with all his heart, mind and soul.

He was born on September 10, 1939, in Dover, Ohio. He graduated from Franklin High School in Los Angeles, California, and then attended L.I.F.E Bible College in Los Angeles, California. He met the love of his life and married Kathrine Louise Calentine on 2/11/1962 at Angeles Temple in Los Angeles, CA.

Paul came to Faith Center around 1969 and held various positions at KHOF-FM, KHOF-TV and FBN. In mid 1976 he had an opportunity to relocate to Coos Bay, Oregon to head up a Christian radio station. A few years later the Lord redirected Paul and Kay into the ministry and he became a Pastor.

Together they pastored at Cave Junction, Vernonia, Bandon and Lakeside Assembly of God.

He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Kay Calentine; his son Chris Calentine and his wife Jamee Calentine of Salem, Oregon; and his daughter Carrie Lyon and her husband Scott Lyon of Astoria, Oregon. He has 2 wonderful grandsons, Scott and Jesse Calentine of Salem, Oregon; and 3 step-grand kids, Corey Lyon of Astoria, step-granddaughter Jenna Hoino and Jordan Hoino of Salem, Oregon.

Paul enjoyed reading and studying the Bible, and his desire was for people to know the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Profile of Paul Calentine from a KHOF-FM Program Guide

Below are some comments from FBN staff members who worked with and for Paul during their time at FBN.


Alex Valderama

Paul Calentine as I remember him at KHOF was a very remarkable man in many ways.  I was new to Christian television and Paul knew it.  He would often come by the art department and ask me how I was liking my work as art director; and if I ever needed to learn anything more, just let him know. Paul was instrumental to allow me creative opportunities to work more in production, to learn operating camera, directing a few programs, designing sets, and developing the KHOF-TV on-air logo which he approved to be place on each of the cameras.  These all seem like little things, but back in those days, I felt that my talents and skill sets were being allowed to blossom.  Thanks to Paul he challenged me to grow both in my job and spiritually.  


When I would drive to work from Whittier, I looked forward to hear his voice on the FM station - he had a wonderful, soft voice - so inspirational as he played music and prayed for the needs of the listeners and ministry.  I do believe he was an essential reason that KHOF had excelled and grew while he managed the operations and staff of the television and radio ministries in Glendale.


It's been many years, but Paul Calentine will be one of the best memories of people I knew in Christian television.


Ron Myers

Sorry to hear of Paul’s passing.  I look forward to seeing him again on resurrection morning.  We have this eternal hope…


Warmest regards,

Love in Jesus,


Ron Myers



Tim Schoch

Another warrior made it home, glory to God!


Joe Snelson

Paul was a man of God. Through my years at FBN he was a close friend and a man full of compassion, wisdom and God’s Word. He shared with me on a number of occasions how much it meant to him to serve under the ministry of Pastor Ray Schoch. I know he is now in the presence of his God and savoir rejoicing with the saints and awaiting our arrival.

Pictured is Paul Calentine (on left) helping to hang the passive reflector on top of the Bekins moving and storage building, circa 1970

I recall the day Pastor Ray Schoch asked me to raise $10,000 on KHOF-FM to close the San Francisco license transfer to Faith Center. At first I didn't want to do it but I went on air and explained what the need was and then began to take calls and pray for people. Pastor Ray soon came up and went on air with me and we just prayed for people and people were calling in with donations. At some point in the broadcast a woman came to the station and told me she and her husband had just sold a business in Orange County and had moved to San Francisco and she wanted to help with the station. She gave us, as I recall, several thousand dollars in cash for KVOF-TV. And in just one afternoon we raised more than $10,000 for the station. Many people were healed and touched, too!