My biography is just Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

And Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

In hindsight, the experience and incredible blessing that I and all the others who were privileged to have worked in that early environment of Christian TV is indescribable. Our collaborative team effort clearly galvanized our skill sets and launched many of our careers. At KHOF the whole product was always greater than the sum of it's parts. Today it's called "Positive Synergy."

I thank God for leading me there.

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© 2013 Bruce Braun

My thank you’s and appreciation:

I thank Pastor Ray Schoch for his obedience to God, his huge vision and for the support of his family and congregation.

I Thank Linda Schoch-Davis and Al Davis for a lifetime of friendship.

I Thank Bernie Marston for hiring me, mentoring me and allowing me to operate my Ham Radio from the Sunset Ridge site! (How can one man possess so much talent and twice that much patience?)

I Thank Joe Snelson for fixing whatever we broke and for his consistent Christian testimony and enormous technical knowledge. Joe taught me more about electronics and systems than I could have learned in school. He also made my dreams come true when I needed to modulate the H sync on the Norelco cameras to make weird and wonderful things happen to the video. We all now need to thank Joe for the wonderful web archive he has created for us to help us remember God's faithfulness, our roots and our unspeakable blessings while working for KHOF.

I Thank Paul Calentine for his great testimony and leadership.

I Thank Paul Crouch for not firing me after "The Continentals" program and for his vision that went on to build the largest Christian network in the world. (essentially extending the legacy of Ray Schoch's original vision) Multiplication by division.

I Thank Roger Flessing for his friendship and wonderful fun we had in creating the evening news!

I Thank Walter Arties for trusting me to co-create The Breath of Life TV series at KHOF that I believe is still running on national TV over 40 years later.

I Thank Burt Lehman and Ron Myers for sharing transmitter shifts and for so many great memories.

I Thank Byron Mobus, still a long time friend, for more engineering mentoring and for keeping Bernie sane around all of us newbies.

I Thank Steve Pair for his lifelong friendship and how God has blessed his meteoric career!

I Thank Don Johnson for SWEEPING THE TRANSMITTER and for constructing THE GREAT WALL.

I Thank Rick Riccio for the world class audio skills he brought to the department (he was the department)

I Thank Marvin Rush and Dan Norris, and all the other camera operators that put up with

my punishment, and then became great Videographers & film Directors of Photography!

I Thank Greg Quandt (our catholic brother) for always being an important part of the team and as my stage manager, rarely telling the guests and talent what I had said, but rather conveying, in his inimitable way, what I needed done :>)

I Thank Rick Eisleben for his considerable production skills, creativity and the opportunity to collaborate with him on The Other Six Days.

I Thank Alex Valderrama and Paul Diederich for creating the infamous skeleton that

nearly got me fired.

I Thank Rick Quintana for his great commentary on the memorial day parades :>)

I Thank John Cardoza (RIP) for knocking some sense into me (However, he didn't have to put my lights out too :>)

I Thank Phil Bonk for his extraordinary skills and kind spirit & friendship!

I thank Gaynor MacLaren, Dwight “Ducky” Edwards and Owen Rees for their

patience with teaching Marvin video tape after burning a couple of video heads.

I know I've missed some, but God knows who they are! I Thank all of our wonderful hosts, clients and guests, churches (and gangsters); Flo Price, Dave Boyer, Doug Oldham, Dick Anthony, Audrey Mieir, Dr. Willard Peirce, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Misler, Ray Wilson, Bill Bell, Harry Coyle, Shekinah Fellowship, Bellflower Baptist Church, and too many others to recall, for allowing all of us to practice on them as we all attempted to hone our own skills and in our own way to pave the way for Christian Television.

I have been so blessed to have started my career in TV at KHOF.