If you happen to be watching KHOF TV Channel 30 Sunday evening at eight o’clock, you’ll witness a miracle of modern technology and old time religion. The program, “Living Faith”, originates live from Faith Center in Glendale, but is sent by means of videotape to KHOF’s sister station, WHCT TV in Hartford, Connecticut where it is aired at ten o’clock (E.S.T.) the following Sunday evening. “Living Faith” is a portion of the regular Sunday evening service at Faith Center, a church well known for its spontaneity in worship and spiritual depth generated primarily by its Pastor, Rev. Ray Schoch. It may have been the excitement of sending the program to Hartford or it may have been just an oversight that the first “Living Faith” sent to Hartford carried the telephone numbers for the Los Angeles area. That was the Sunday that the telephones started ringing. The calls are taken during the service by counselors from the congregation using ten telephones situated directly behind the platform. A minimum of fifty calls are received per service with the majority coming from the local Los Angeles area and up to fifteen from Connecticut. During a recent service seven people called from Hartford and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. There are now in excess of 2,500 new Christians in New England as a result of the ministry of WHCT TV. This kind of happening is no surprise to anyone at Faith Center. The congregation has become accustomed to the unexpected and the miraculous… These things just come naturally when God is at work. Once again, this Sunday evening at the appointed time “Living Faith” will join the west coast and the east coast and Faith Center will wait… for the ringing of a telephone and another miracle in “The World’s Longest Altar Call”.

Used by permission of the Ray Schoch family - All Rights Reserved

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The World’s Longest Altar Call

This testimony was received in the early 70’s. The text has been extracted from the original scans and appears below the letter.